"Filled with beautiful aerial shots and poignant scenes on par with images out of National Geographic magazine, Culver’s documentary debut is enlightening and powerful. Possessing a clear vision for change, Juice successfully demonstrates how light is necessary to conquer the darkness in all forms across the world."

"Thought provoking. There is no easy answer or quick fix approach to this film. It is about broadening our concepts and realizing our interconnectedness over this issue. A great source for starting important conversations. This film is a must see for everyone."

"In 80 informative minutes, this documentary delves into the way inequality, women’s rights and climate change are impacted by questions of access to electricity."

"Bryce is a gifted storyteller, and Culver matches his passion with a visually compelling and fast-paced feature."

Matt Shiverdecker

"The script is a zinger and Culver’s direction is modern-day magic, ratcheting up the pace, pleasing the eye and ear, and providing a rock-firm narrative grip.”

"A humane and moving documentary."

author, apocalypse never

"Juice hops the globe showing us how electricity is a driver of human progress and prosperity everywhere. A crucial subplot of this fascinating story is how electricity has especially liberated women and girls. If Hans Rosling gave us a preview with his famous TED talk, “The Magic Washing Machine,” Robert Bryce has delivered the feature film. "

todd moss, executive director

"There’s a decent case that, as much as information and capital, electricity explains the modern world. Juice makes that case eloquently. Watch this movie if you want to be reminded of the inspiring impact of a technology you’ve probably taken for granted, and to get a sense of how electricity will continue changing the world over the coming decades."

alex trembath, deputy director

"Juice makes vividly clear how indispensable low-cost, reliable electricity is to human flourishing--both to the low-watt world that lacks it, and to the high-watt world, which needs more of it. The better we understand, in Robert Bryce’s words, that “darkness kills human potential and electricity nourishes it,” the more we’ll be inoculated against misguided policies that could have catastrophic consequences."

alex epstein, president

"Juice serves as an almost perfect foil for Planet of the Humans (POTH), the far less optimistic, almost misanthropic film by Jeff Gibbs and Michael Moore. It’s clear that Robert Bryce and Tyson Culver like living on a planet populated by humans."

rod adams, publisher

"With a pragmatic yet provocative perspective seldom seen in environmental documentaries, Juice tells the story of humanity's relationship with energy-- the good, the bad, and the possible. It may just change the way you view electricity, and your role in a world where so many still lack access to it."

generation atomic

eric meyer, founder & executive director

"Juice is a perfectly pragmatic portrayal of how the world can meet the massive growing electricity demand, and lower global emissions — it doesn't need to be an either-or. As Robert and Tyson travel around the world, they show that no country will use a single clean power technology — every country will need to find the right mix given its national circumstances, resource endowments, and the pre-existing industry."

rich powell, Executive Director

"What I really like about Juice is the perspective on the energy issue globally. Far too often posts about power and the environment have a limited perspective. The documentary Juice does a good job laying out the connection between the availability of cheap abundant electricity and the standard of living."

rick maltese, editor

"In Juice, Bryce travels world-wide, and he asks people to tell their own stories of the impact of electricity on their lives. People will always choose electricity over energy poverty, no matter what the source of electricity might be. Through personal stories, Juice becomes an important message of support for clean reliable electricity."

author, campaigning for clean air

"A fresh, imaginative insight on the profound contribution electric power makes in liberating women, realizing human potential and protecting nature. Essential viewing on how electricity pulses through the modern world enabling safer, healthier, more productive, longer lives.‬"

kirsty gogan, Co-founder & executive director

"Juice shows that access to reliable and affordable electricity is a fundamental human right and a basic necessity for dignified living. In this powerful film, Robert Bryce and Tyson Culver prove that eradicating poverty requires light, lots of it. Juice should motivate investors and policymakers to understand the importance of electricity and why we cannot keep billions of people in the dark."

co-author, intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) report

"Presenting credible interviews with energy-impoverished people, Juice creates empathy with the three billion people who don't even have the power to run a refrigerator. Think about both people and climate when you view this recommended movie."

author, thorium: energy cheaper than coal

"Juice is a vivid reminder that billions are without reliable electricity. To alleviate poverty, first you electrify the world, then human health, prosperity, and ingenuity will flourish. Juice clearly and concisely makes that case while being a beautifully shot film. If you only see one film this year, make Juice first on your watch list."

todd royal

co-author, energy made easy

"Bryce claims to 'look at the world and see stats and spreadsheets', but rather than emphasize the numbers, he puts people and their insights at the centre of the story, to wonderful effect."

oscar archer, author

"It’s an absolute masterpiece. One of the most important films made in the last 20 years, and especially as we now head into the age of massive electrification. Just watch it!”


john ahlberg, foundeR

"Should be required watching for policy makers, industry folks, students…pretty much everybody! "

shawn taylor

executive director, wyoming rural electric association

"Juice takes a global view on electricity's vital role."

matt wald, senior communications advisor

"Robert Bryce masterfully tells a story that cuts through the typical noise and politics associated with climate change and the energy transition. The film lays bare what really matters and how access to electricity ultimately shows how people without electricity struggle, while those with access can prosper."

george washington university

tom russo, adjunct professor, elliott school of international affairs

"Juice cuts through the hype and shows how limited global access to energy in general, and electricity specifically, impacts living standards, health, wealth and opportunities for our children and future generations. Producing electric power in an environmentally safe manner and then providing access to it will determine whether humanity will continue to prosper or decline. Juice is a must-see."

university of tulsa

kaveh ashenayi & douglass jussaume, electrical and engineering department

"It is dazzling: Intellectual and first-class production values. Great interviews, narrative, quotes, and imagery with a truly global perspective. Robert Bryce and Tyson Culver are to be commended for fabulous collaboration."

The energy pragmatist

steve heins, founder

"Juice was by turns informative, aggravating, moving, and instructive...the touchstones of a great documentary."

gravitas ventures

tony piantedosi, vp of Acquisitions